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How much weight to start training with

From the moment you enter the place you can notice the attention to detail. Very high-end from top to bottom. From the LED lighting to the texture of the walls, it’s exceptional. The programming is challenging but rewarding, the training is excellent, the equipment is brand new. It’s the kind of place that invites you to stay longer and meet more people – I totally recommend it!

Body Mass Index is the ratio of your height to your weight, or mass. This measure will help you to know the state of your body and, beyond that, it will let you know the direction in which you can turn your workouts and your diet.

We understand that everyone’s times, tastes and goals are different. That’s why we have more than 6 hours a day of OPEN GYM (10:15 am – 4:50 pm) for you to train the day’s schedule, your own schedule or if you need it we can also help you with custom programming.

Full Body Exercises

The squat is a technique-intensive exercise, so using the Smith machine to get you started can help you become familiar with the movement. Once you’ve got the hang of it, ideally you should start doing your squats on a rack with just the barbell.

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With this exercise we work a bit all the muscles of the back, chest and shoulders: dorsal, deltoid, trapezius, pectoralis major…. A complete workout with a semi-guided technique thanks to the movement of the pulley. Although you may see people in the gym doing it with different grips, the best way to start is to use the longest one, like the one in the picture. The trick? Tilt your back back a little bit.

This exercise also works the entire back musculature. As in the pull-up to the chest, to perform the movement correctly we also have to lean back slightly. If you hesitate between the two main grips, the metal and the “plastic”, choose the one you feel most comfortable with. The key? Think about bringing your elbows back.

Weight training at home

While the rise of low-cost gyms has made it possible for more people to join the gym, it has also done so in many cases at the expense of cutting costs on hiring weight room technicians. This creates a scenario in which many new people come to the gym but find that they don’t have someone to guide them. If this is your case or is similar, here is a complete routine for you to start training properly.

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This time we have opted for four days of training. Three days is a good way to start and five may require investing too much time for many people. These four days are enough to be able to give a good volume of work to all muscle groups and to rest enough between sessions.

The scheme we will follow to shape the workouts of these four days is a torso-leg scheme, that is, we will divide the muscle groups into lower and upper body. Two days will be dedicated to training the torso and two days to the legs. Although we can organize the torso-leg scheme in many ways, for simplicity we will train Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday where Monday and Thursday will be dedicated to the torso and Tuesday and Friday to the legs.

Exercises for women

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In our catalog we offer you the most common brands with which to perform countless activities where speed, reaction, coordination, agility, balance, rhythm and power are worked.

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