Fitness club billing software

Magicline Pricing

You will be able to manage your property through our Hotel PMS integrated with The Booking Button Booking Engine and Channel Manager Siteminder, in addition to Point of Sale Management, Accounting and Hotel Websites modules integrated to the system, 100% manageable, responsive and optimized for SEO.

Electronic InvoicingInvoice all types of tax documents through the system and keep a complete record of all movements in your business. Sales invoices, export invoices, receipts and others.

How much does a gym bill?

Generally, the turnover of a gym ranges from 1,330,000 to 6,650,000 Mexican pesos.

What is fitness software?

What is a software (system, program or app) for gyms or fitness centers? It is a digital tool that helps to manage a business in an easy and simple way, from any device. It includes all the necessary functionalities to manage the business optimally.

What services does a gym sell?

We can find different services in the same gym: nutrition, beverages, group or individual classes, relaxation or spa area where we find the sauna or beauty treatments, such as reducing massages, medical and nutritional consultations and also, classes with the latest technology.

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Here you will see first hand what SAC GYM’s chief engineer explained how it is, how it works and what features it has waiting to help you in your gym, without the need to install anything with this video is enough to make your decision.

SAC GYM offers you the service of controlling the collections through a screen, sounds, and the management of turnstiles; everything you need to bring the arrears as close to 0%. It also improves the user experience, as it does not require users to carry ID cards or key fobs to the gym.

With both facial recognition and fingerprint recognition, SAC GYM provides you with a way to inform 5 days before expiration, emitting a sound warning and when it is overdue, it emits another error sound.

The income and expenses screen records all the transactions made in your gym. Whether it is the sale of subscriptions, products or even register expenses such as payments to suppliers or employees of the company.

In the profile of each member you can register the fingerprint, the face, a profile picture, their personal data for remarketing. In addition to the history of income to the gym and their paid subscriptions.

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Virtuagym software

You can access your online agenda from any device (mobile, computer or tablet) and anywhere: you only need an internet connection. The agenda is automatically updated with each new booking.

Don’t waste time and avoid headachesBecause the calculation of commissions is automatic, you won’t waste time doing the math and you won’t have to match classes, attendees and payments.

It is a digital tool that helps to manage a business in an easy and simple way, from any device. It includes all the necessary functionalities to manage the business optimally.

Gym training

How much does it cost to run your gym, between staff and equipment? It’s overwhelming to calculate. At gym-up we aim to retire the excel sheets and put an end to paperwork. Supervisors and Human Resources will surely agree.

LOPD? ISO? CSA? SOC? No, these are not new exercise modalities or the new fad diet, even if it sounds like Greek to you, they are regulations that must be complied with. But don’t worry, we only want you to sweat in the gym, we’re here for the rest.

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Many customers are concerned that the brands they trust are environmentally friendly, that’s why gym-up digitizes all paperwork so that paper consumption goes to zero. Isn’t that great? Repeat with us: “Long live the trees!”

Keeping up with replacement requests and balancing the leave schedule for all your employees can be an exhausting task. That’s why gym-up is equipped with a powerful intelligent management system:

+ INFO PRONTOCHECK-IN AND REPORTINGgym-up features a convenient cross-platform clocking system for workday control. In addition, it performs automatic reports of hours, invoicing and payroll. All in the same software. Practical, isn’t it?

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