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Arterial hypertension is frequently associated with this type of heart failure. In any case, preventing its onset is possible with adequate control of cardiovascular risk factors. In fact, the president of the FEC, Carlos Macaya, has insisted that one of the main measures for preventing this disease is through adequate information and training of the population on cardiovascular risk factors.

Specifically, the experts recommend avoiding salt, because it causes fluid retention that can lead to heart failure, and increasing the consumption of fruit, vegetables, legumes and fish, since they prevent an increase in blood cholesterol levels.

In addition, the FEC has advised adequate control of diseases associated with heart failure, such as diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol. Several studies have shown, for example, the close relationship between arterial hypertension and the development of heart failure. This is why correct control of blood pressure will allow us to anticipate future episodes of heart failure.

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What is the diet and physical exercise like?

You must be well nourished before you start training. Studies suggest that ingesting carbohydrates in meals or drinks before exercise can improve training performance and may allow you to train longer or at a higher intensity.

What should the daily diet be like?

Emphasizes the importance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, milk and fat-free or low-fat dairy products. Includes a variety of protein foods such as seafood, lean meats, eggs, legumes (beans and peas), soy products, nuts and seeds.

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An eating plan that helps control your weight includes a variety of healthy foods. Adding a variety of colors to your plate is like eating a rainbow. Dark green leafy vegetables, oranges and tomatoes-even fresh herbs-are full of vitamins, fiber and minerals. Adding frozen peppers, broccoli or onions to casseroles and omelets boosts color and nutrients.

The USDA’s MyPlatoexternal icon Plan can help you identify what and how much to eat from the different food groups while staying within your recommended amount of calories. You can also download My Food Diary pdf icon [PDF-129KB] to help you track your meals.

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Nutrition and hydration have a fundamental influence on responsible sports. Dr. Marcelo Montrasi, Specialist in Sports Medicine of Grupo Gamma, details aspects of nutrition to be taken into account when doing physical exercise.

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We encourage your participation through comments on our blog. However, we cannot provide a medical opinion on a particular case without a personal consultation with a professional who analyzes the patient. If you have questions related to specific symptoms, we recommend you to make an appointment with a specialist.

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Estudio transversal en el que participaron 141 empleados administrativos y docentes (56 % mujeres y 44 % hombres), seleccionados mediante muestreo probabilístico estratificado. Se incluyó un modelo lineal generalizado, con regresión de Poisson para la asociación de las variables con la fuerza prensil de mano dominante.

Estudio transversal en el que participaron 141 empleados administrativos y profesores (56% mujeres y 44% hombres), seleccionados por muestreo aleatorio estratificado. Se incluyó un modelo lineal generalizado con regresión de Poisson para la asociación de las variables con la fuerza prensil de mano dominante.

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El 51,6% de los hombres y el 46,8% de las mujeres presentaban sobrepeso u obesidad, según el índice de masa corporal; el 39,7% se clasificaron con riesgo de enfermedad cardiovascular por la relación cintura-estatura; el 68,8% cumplían los requisitos de actividad física; el 45,7% se clasificaron con bajo nivel de fuerza de prensión de la mano; según el modelo lineal generalizado, se encontró una asociación significativa entre el bajo nivel de fuerza de prensión de la mano con tener mayor masa grasa y ser hombre. En el consumo de alimentos, se observaron patrones inadecuados con alto consumo de ácidos grasos saturados, colesterol, azúcares añadidos y baja ingesta de fibra.

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