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Benefits of being part of our Challenge CrewPersonalized RoutinesWe work hand in hand with each of our clients, supervise and perform routines tailored to the capabilities and goals.

Personal trainer opens personalized gym in SanturceReturning to physical activity to improve your healthThe following tips are aimed at people interested in physical activity for the first time….

Resuming physical activity to improve your healthMountain Climbers : Benefits of doingMountain Climbers : Benefits of doingABS Roller : Benefits of doingAlmonds would never be thought as mega fat burners, would they?

Success StoriesBeforeAfterErick NegronI came to Challenge looking for motivation because even though I have always exercised I was lacking the motivation required to achieve my goals.I started first with cardiovascular exercises mainly to achieve fitness and endurance, and then a combination of weights and functional exercises according to what I want to achieve in this process that continues.

How many times a week is it advisable to go to the gym?

Going three days a week to the gym is the minimum frequency to see noticeable results in physique and endurance, although it is important to provide these gym sessions with sufficient intensity. Going four or five days a week to train is a step further.

What if I go to the gym every day?

Going to the gym every day is not a healthy choice no matter how much you may think it is the opposite. Your body needs to recover to start a new day and this is the time when hormones such as growth hormone are secreted, which will help you build muscle.

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What is the difference between fitness and gym?

Unlike the gym, where there are usually crowds of people and you must adjust to the available equipment and group sessions of the trainer, in a fitness studio you will find the spaces equipped for you to work out separately and make use of the appropriate machines in each session, with the assignment of a trainer….

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How much does it cost to run your gym – between staff and equipment? It’s overwhelming to calculate. At gym-up we aim to retire the excel sheets and put an end to paperwork. Supervisors and Human Resources will surely agree.

LOPD? ISO? CSA? SOC? No, they’re not new exercise modalities or the new fad diet, even if it sounds like Greek to you, they’re regulations that must be complied with. But don’t worry, we only want you to sweat in the gym, we’re here for the rest.

Many customers are concerned that the brands they trust are environmentally friendly, that’s why gym-up digitizes all paperwork so that paper consumption goes to zero. Isn’t that great? Repeat with us: “Long live the trees!”

Keeping up with replacement requests and balancing the leave schedule for all your employees can be an exhausting task. That’s why gym-up is equipped with a powerful intelligent management system:

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+ INFO PRONTOCHECKS AND REPORTINGgym-up features a convenient cross-platform clocking system for workday control. In addition, it performs automatic reports of hours, invoicing and payroll. All in the same software. Practical, isn’t it?

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Un tronco fuerte favorece el equilibrio y puede ayudar a mejorar el rendimiento y la resistencia durante el ejercicio. Piénsalo: cuando estás en posición de tabla, tienes que trabajar varios grupos musculares para evitar caerte. Naturalmente, esto ayuda a mejorar el equilibrio. Y aunque el equilibrio se asocia a menudo con la flexibilidad, es mucho más que eso. Puede ayudarte a correr esa milla extra, a bailar mucho más tiempo y, sí, a mantener esa postura de yoga con aplomo.

Para hacer una plancha no necesitas ningún equipo de fitness sofisticado; de hecho, ¡no necesitas ningún gimnasio! Todo lo que necesitas es a ti mismo (y quizá una esterilla). Aunque una buena música de fondo no está de más (¡incluso puede mejorar tu entrenamiento!). Al ser un movimiento muy cómodo y eficaz, es fácil mantener la constancia y obtener grandes resultados.

Admitámoslo, la mayoría de nosotros pasamos demasiado tiempo sentados todo el día. Entre estar sentados frente al ordenador en el trabajo y los largos trayectos al trabajo, podemos pasar más de doce horas al día sentados sobre nuestros traseros. Esto puede suponer una gran carga para la espalda y la columna vertebral, especialmente si se combina con una mala postura. Aquí es donde la bienvenida a las planchas en su rutina de ejercicios puede ayudar drásticamente a eliminar la tensión de su columna vertebral, mientras que la construcción de la fuerza alrededor de su núcleo para ayudar a apoyar los músculos de la espalda.

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However, there is no scientific evidence that strength training is contraindicated at an early age. However, at an early age and when the first steps in sport are taken, the most advisable is to perform outdoor activities, in teams and that do not require too much use of strength or resistance, the important thing is to be aware of the work or physical activity that is performed in order to avoid injuries and problems arising from poor sports practice.

Likewise, the motivation for starting to practice this sport must be controlled. As mentioned, excessive control or concern for the body can trigger vigorexia, where the person is obsessed with exercising excessively and achieving a muscular body, or even eating disorders also related to the excessive practice of sport. In these cases, self-esteem, control or a correct approach to habits should be worked on to make them healthy and positive (mentally and physically).

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