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Machines developed with biomechanical engineering. They have a QR code that links to a video of how to perform the exercises correctly. Sensors in the machines allow the user to have a record of their progress.

Being intergenerational machines and having models for people with reduced mobility we create an environment in which people of all ages and physical condition can interact through sport.

Manufactured in Finland in C4 or C5 steel with anticorrosive treatment, they are tested in extreme conditions to achieve a practically indestructible and low maintenance product. Patented product.

Exercising outdoors is good for you and the environment. No electricity, heating or air conditioning required. We believe in simplicity, which also shows in the use of our materials. In our factory we only use what we need and recycle everything that is left over. This way we can meet the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to preserve the planet and improve the lives and prospects of all people as envisioned in the 2030 Agenda.

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What is the best gym in the world?

Royal City Club (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Who is the most FIT person in the world?

Daniela Fainus is a Mexican fitness model and influencer and on social media she has positioned herself as a Fit queen with around 1.2 million followers.

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Different researches show the effects of physical activity (PA) on health in older adults. The main objectives of this study were: 1) to evaluate the relationship between the WHO PA recommendations and the perception of quality of life in the elderly, and 2) to assess the effect of a lifestyle awareness-based counseling. For this purpose, 28 older adults (70.6±6.2) from the municipality of Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza) participated, who were distributed into experimental group (EG) and control. All subjects completed a quality of life questionnaire (EQ-5D) and a PA level questionnaire (RAPA). Subjects who practiced regular PA presented higher levels of perceived quality of life (p<0.05). Awareness-based intervention could be a useful strategy in improving the perception of quality of life in older adults.

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Gomez-Cabello A, Pedrero-Chamizo R, Olivares PR, Hernandez-Perera R, Rodriguez-Marroyo JA, Mata E, et al. Sitting time increases the overweight and obesity risk independently of walking time in elderly people from Spain. Maturitas. 2012;73(4):337-43.

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Investigar las estrategias de marketing del sector de la salud y el fitness en Grecia; la perspectiva de los gerentes

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E by Equinox Madison Avenue (New York, United States)To enjoy the Madison Avenue center, part of the exclusive Equinox chain, you have to pay an annual fee of 23,500 euros. And to gain access, they have installed a retina scanner. Each member has a personal trainer and undergoes a 3D body scan to monitor progress.

Performix House (New York, United States)This gym offers physical therapy and a specialized nutrition program, as well as an infrared sauna, massages and cryotherapy chambers. It is a favorite of New York celebrities who pay around 10,000 euros per year.

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